For those who dont know the difference, if you look in the parts book, all bolts with the letter `G` in the part number are the ones with the numbers on them, normally the number 4 on 6mm bolts and 7 on the 8mm bolts. If the part number has a `B` in it then the head is just plain. If it has a `N` in it then it is chrome headed.

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Parts Lists For KAWASAKI models:

Engine Group Frame/Cycle Group
Cylinder Head - F2/F3 Frame
Cylinder Head Cover - F2/F3 Frame & Fittings
Cylinder Head - F4 Battery Case
Cylinder Head Cover - F4 Swing Arm, Shock Absorbers
Cylinder, Pistons - F2/F3 Footrests
Cylinder, Pistons - F4 Fenders
Air Filter - F2 Stands
Air Filter - F3/F4 Tyres
Muffler Front Wheel & Fittings
Valves, Springs, Shims Rear Wheel, Brake, Chain
Camshafts, Chain, Tensioner Brake Pedal, Torque Rod
Crankshaft Front Master Cylinder
Secondary Shaft Front Calipers & Discs
Clutch Handlebars, Controls - F2
Transmission Gears Handlebars, Controls - F3/F4
Gearchange Drum & Forks Front Forks
Gearchange Mechanism Fuel Tank - F2
Cranckcase Fuel Tank - F3/F4
Cranckcase Bolt Pattern Dualseat, Seat Cover
Engine Covers - F2/F3 Speedometer, Tachometer
Engine Covers - F4 Control Cables
Oil Pan, Breather Cover Side & Chain Covers
Carburetors - F2 Headlamp - F2/F3
Carburetor - F2 Headlamp - F4
Carburetors - F3/F4 Tail Light
Carburetor - F3/F4 Turn Signals
Oil Pump, Oil Filter Electrical Equipment
Generator, Regulator Switches & Locks
Ignition Coil, Igniter Toolkit
Starter Motor & Clutch Emblems & Motifs